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Frequently asked questions






I provided the wrong information when I booked my trip.

If you typed in the wrong information, you will need to go to contact us within 24 hours of purchase. Please keep in mind that your current fare may not be the same or available for the new times you are requesting. There will also be additional fees charged for changing a non-changeable ticket.

I provided the wrong email address.

If you typed in the wrong email address, you will not receive our email confirmation. An email confirmation is automatically sent to the email address provided to us at the moment the ticket is issued. The confirmation email is important for several reasons:
1) It serves as a receipt.
2) It is an important form of identification for you to show at check-in.
3) it provides us with an important tool for communicating with you regarding airline schedule changes.

To solve this problem, please go to our contact us page and provide us with your correct email address. We will then update your email information and send you a confirmation email confirming that the change has been made. To be extra certain that we receive your correct email address, please email us your correct email address at

How do I add additional passengers to an existing reservation?

To add additional passengers to a reservation, you will need to contact us. As the airlines change fares continuously, we cannot guarantee that the new passenger will get the same fare or flight.

How do I cancel my reservation?

Due to the fact that all airline tickets are non-refundable, non-changeable and non-cancelable, unfortunately cancellations are not permitted.

How do I get/change seat assignments?

Seat numbers are automatically assigned after your reservation has been ticketed on all applicable flights. To change your seat assignments, please contact the airline directly.

Will the airline change my flight?

As the airlines make flight schedule changes at their discretion, and some changes are last minute, it is strongly advised that you contact the airlines 24 hours prior to departure to re-confirm your flights.


How do I purchase an airline ticket for someone else?

Due to credit card fraud, third party bookings are not allowed to be completed through the website. We do allow third party billings to be completed under some circumstances, but you will be asked to provide us with a faxed credit card authorization form and the associated documentation. To complete a third party booking, please contact us.

Why is a flight or fare shown and then not available when I attempt to book it?

There may be a delay between when a fare or flight is sold out and when the Airline updates its inventory in the Airline Reservation System (GDS). This is usually caused by the Airlines not updating their availability in a timely manner. We apologize for any confusion, frustration or inconvenience this may cause you. However, please note that GDS availability is the responsibility of the airlines to update, not the responsibility of Shakthi Travel. We simply display the availability provided by airlines to the GDS.

How do I order a special meal?

There is an option when you book the flight to select a special meal. If you forgot to do so, please contact the airline directly.


Can I pay for the ticket with a debit card?

Yes, however debit cards normally have a low daily limit which may interfere with your ability to purchase your ticket. If your ticket price is higher than your daily limit, you may contact your bank and have them increase your daily limit to the amount of the airline ticket. Your debit card must also have a Visa or MasterCard logo on it in order for the card to be accepted.

Are all prices in US dollars?

Yes, all of our prices are quoted in US dollars. We do accept Canadian credit/debit cards and the final charges on your Canadian statement will be in Canadian Dollars after our price quote has been converted from US Dollars.

I have a non-US non-Canadian credit card.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept credit cards issued outside of the US or Canada as payment towards your airline ticket.

My credit card was declined.

Check to see that all of the information on the card was given correctly. Make sure the card has been activated and the price of the ticket does not exceed the limit on the card. If you are still unsure as to why the card was declined, contact your bank to determine why.

Is there a service fee for purchasing an airline ticket through the site?

All airfare prices include non-refundable per ticket booking fees. Fees often will show as part of an "airfare balance" charge on your credit card statement, separate from the rest of the cost of the airline ticket; and it will be charged in our travel support center's name. There are click-able links that display the current values for the fee(s). On your credit card statement, be aware that any charge labeled "airfare balance" may contain more than just the fees; it may contain part of your base fare itself.

Why are there different charges on my credit card?

Charges to your credit card may appear in the name of the airline involved, one of their service providers or one of our participating consolidators. Processing fees and airfare balances may appear as a separate charge on your credit card under our travel support center.

Can I use an airline coupon or voucher online?

We are unable to accept vouchers or airline coupons as partial or full payment towards the purchase of an airline ticket. It is suggested that you contact the issuing airline directly.


How do I review/confirm my reservation?

After making a reservation, you will receive an email that reconfirms all of your reservation information. To review/confirm your reservation, please go to the my bookings page.

What if I have not received my confirmation email?

If you typed in the wrong email address, you will not receive our email confirmation. An email confirmation is automatically sent to the email address provided to us at the moment the ticket is issued. The confirmation email is important for several reasons:
1) It serves as a receipt.
2) It is an important form of identification for you to show at check-in.
3) it provides us with an important tool for communicating with you regarding airline schedule changes.

If you did not receive your confirmation email, it could be due to:
1) A misspelled/mistyped email address.
2) The email going to a different folder. Check your spam folder.
3) Spam blockers may be preventing the email from reaching you.

To solve this problem you should contact us.

What if I do not have a reference code?

The six-digit reference code is comprised of capital letters and numbers. It first appears on the order confirmation screen that displays after you have made a reservation request. If you did not print the reservation request page, then it also appears in the ticket confirmation email that is sent to you within 72 hours of making a reservation.

If you are sure your email address is correct and is not influenced by spam blockers, then you may have either not completed your booking correctly or you may have made a booking through a different travel site. If you are sure that you made the booking through this travel site, please contact us.

I lost my itinerary.

If you need another copy of your itinerary, please go to the my bookings page and from there log in to receive your confirmation page.

I have a confirmed reservation on two or more airlines. Why are you unable to issue my ticket?

Some airlines do not have ticketing (or luggage transfer agreements) with each other. This means that the itinerary that you chose cannot be issued. You can either go back to the website and try again, or contact us. Our agents will be happy to try and find you an alternative. If they are unable, your reservation will be cancelled and nothing will be charged to your credit card.

Why are you unable to issue tickets on certain airlines?

We cannot issue tickets on certain carriers due to the airlines not having ticketing agreements with the Airline Reservation System. When this happens, your reservation will be automatically cancelled and nothing will be charged to your card. We will also send you an email to make you aware that the reservation cannot be ticketed and has been cancelled. It is strictly the airlines' responsibility to make sure their flights are coded properly in standard global systems. If you believe that your reservation was not ticketed and you have not received an email from us, please contact us.

Do I have an electronic (e-ticket) or paper ticket?

Our system is programmed to automatically issue e-tickets first. If the airline prohibits an e-ticket, then the system will automatically issue a paper ticket and an additional FedEx shipping charge will be applied to your total charges. To confirm whether you have an e-ticket or paper ticket please go to the my bookings page, input in your reference code and last name to pull up your confirmation page.


I purchased a paper ticket. How will I receive it?

Paper tickets are normally shipped within 24 hours of purchase via FedEx with the exception of weekends and holidays. Our travel support center uses two day shipping whenever possible and overnight shipping for last minute tickets.

What is the shipping charge?

Our travel support center uses FedEx two day shipping to ship all paper tickets to our customers. For shipments within the continental US, the Fedex shipping charge is $19.00 for the standard 2 day shipping. Additional shipping fees will be applied for shipping to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. A minimum $45.00 shipping fee will be charged for international deliveries (with the exception of Canada).

Why did I not receive my e-tickets in the mail?

E-tickets stand for electronic tickets and subsequently are done electronically (without a paper ticket). If you purchased an e-ticket, your email confirmation is your receipt. You will not receive anything else in the mail. All that you need to check-in with an e ticket is to show your picture ID (such as your driver's license or passport). We recommend that you print a copy of the confirmation email that was sent to you so that you have your flight information with you when you travel.

I did not receive my paper tickets in the mail. What should I do?

Normal shipments of paper tickets may take up to 3 business days from the date of purchase to the time they arrive at your home. International shipments may take up to 7 business days. To make sure you have paper tickets, please go to the my bookings page, input in your reference code and last name and pull up your confirmation page to determine what type of tickets you have.

If you are sure that you have paper tickets and you have not received them within 7 days of your booking date or within 5 days of departure date, please contact us and provide us with the date in which you purchased the paper ticket as well as your correct shipping address. We will have someone in the shipping department look into it for you and resolve the issue immediately.

I have a PO Box, how will you ship me the tickets?

For credit card verification purposes you must enter the address where your credit card billing statements are mailed to, even if it is a PO Box or an APO address. However, as per FedEx rules, if your reservation requires a paper ticket, we will be unable to send your tickets to a PO Box or an APO address.

To resolve this problem, please provide us with your current mailing address. To provide us with your current mailing address please visit the contact us page. Please note that if your departure date is five days from the date you purchased your tickets, FedEx may not be able to deliver your paper tickets to you prior to departure, in which case we will make an effort to contact you.

Can I send the tickets to a different mailing address?

As per stringent rules imposed by credit card companies and banks, we are obligated to ship all paper tickets only to the billing address that the customer has provided. This extra level of security protects the customer from fraudulent charges.

I typed in the wrong shipping address.

If you typed in the wrong shipping address, please contact us IMMEDIATELY and prove us with the correct shipping address (no PO Boxes please). Once we receive the correct shipping address from you we will update your record and ship the documents to the correct address.


How do I travel with an electronic ticket?

Electronic tickets allow you the convenience of traveling without being required to carry traditional paper tickets. The electronic ticket or e-ticket is convenient because you no longer have to worry about carrying or possibly losing your airline ticket. With an electronic ticket, all that you need at check-in is your valid ID card and your email receipt. Always reconfirm your flights directly with the airline 24 hours prior to departure, as airlines frequently have schedule changes.

What identification do children need at the airport?

Any children under the age of 18 will need an accompanying adult to certify their identity. Although not required, having a copy of a birth certificate is a good idea.

What are the rules on unaccompanied minors/children traveling alone?

Airlines have specific rules regarding unaccompanied minors/children traveling alone. We recommend that you contact the airline directly regarding their specific rules on unaccompanied minors/children traveling alone.

Why do I have to change airports?

Although all change of airport rules are clearly stated prior to any purchase, the passenger may choose to change airports for one or more of the following reasons:
1) Switching airports can often lower your total airfare.
2) When certain carriers are combined with others, it may require a change of airports.
3) There are no other flight options available to meet your travel needs.
Unfortunately, the airlines do NOT provide transportation or accommodations to the passenger for the inconvenience of switching airports. This cost and inconvenience will be at your expense and you will have to claim your luggage from one airport and re-check it in at the other airport. You will also need to allow for a minimum of 3 hours to make the airport change, barring there are no delays on your flights.

What are the check-in procedures for domestic and international flights?

Firstly, always reconfirm your flights directly with the airline 24 hours prior to departure, as airlines do make schedule changes.

When packing, please remember that new Federal carry-on rules allow for only one standard-size carry-on bag and one personal item such as purse, laptop computer, small book-type backpack or briefcase. The Transportation Security Administration requests travelers not to lock their checked luggage. If your bag is locked and there is a need to inspect the bag, the locks will be removed by security.

New Federal security rules require customers who have checked baggage to fly on the same flight as their checked bags. If you are checking your bags, be sure your name and contact information is on the outside and inside of each bag. If you're checking bags for a domestic flight, you should arrive at the airport 90 minutes prior to departure. If you only have carry-on luggage, plan to arrive 60 minutes prior to departure. For international flights, it's recommended that you arrive at least two hours prior to departure. For international flights all passengers will need their passports. Have your government-issued photo ID available at all times, as well as a printed itinerary if you're traveling with an electronic ticket. As per FAA rules, if you are traveling on a domestic flight with a child or children under the age of 18, they do not need a photo ID as long as the accompanying adult certifies their identity.

As always, passengers should reconfirm their flight times directly with the airlines either the night before or early the day of departure to insure that no last minute schedule changes have occurred. If you wish to reconfirm your flights with the airlines or if you have any questions about a particular airline's rules, please contact the airlines directly.

My question does not appear above.

If your question does not appear in the FAQ section, please visit our contact us page and we will be happy to help.